High purity hash,
respectfully extracted.

High purity hash, respectfully extracted.

Live Resin, Perfected

Live Resin, Perfected

Aqua Live Resin is a high purity hash oil respectfully extracted from the most beautiful fresh frozen flowers.

Diamonds & Sauce

Our diamonds feature high purity THC-A crystals paired with our live terpene flavor profile. Aqua Live Resin Diamonds & Sauce exemplifies the artistry of cannabis science. Available in 1g jar.


Whip is a soft, sugary, scoopable version of our live terpene profiles blended with THC-A micro-crystals. Whip melts at lower temps, great for portable dabbing devices. Available in 1g jar.

Live Rosin Vape

Traditional hash rosin. Experience the most diverse representation of what cannabis has to offer. A portable high potency vape that tastes like hash. Available in 500mg disposable All-In-One.

Live Resin Vape

Our exclusive live resin vape formula is emulsified with THC-A that has been melted down into D9THC, then combined with our live terpene profiles. Available in 500mg cartridge and 500mg All-In-One.

A vape you’ll confuse for a joint

A vape you’ll confuse for a joint

Amber Live is a robust hash oil that captures the authentic essence of perfectly extracted cannabis terpenes.

The 2023 THC Classic Grand Champion, this exclusive and delicate hash oil is meticulously crafted to preserve real cannabis terpenes, deliver high potency and provide true cannabis flavor in a portable vape. Just like everything manufactured by Sano Gardens, Amber vapes contain live terpenes because we believe a little live makes everything taste better. Available in 500mg All-In-One and NEW 1G cartridge.

All-In-One Vape

Find a variety of strains that are big on taste and affordable. Discreet, portable, rechargeable all-in-one vaporizes the oil at the perfect temp for full-flavor hits. 500mg.

1G Cart

Our unique and patented honeycomb-like ceramic center delivers true-to-the-strain flavor unlike any other 1G cartridge on the market. NEW and now available.

Fruit flavor. Flower powered.

Fruit flavor. Flower powered.

Not just another flavored vape, Orchard delivers 100% natural plant-derived flavors combined with high potency THC and live terpenes.

Lively Lime

Tart with a hint of sweet, Lively Lime is the perfect summertime or anytime flavor. Available in 300mg and 1G All-In-One, NEW 1G cartridge.

Mixed Berry

Fruity and bright, Mixed Berry offers a smooth, delicious and discreet taste. Available in 300mg and 1G All-In-One, NEW 1G cartridge.

Melon Medley

Like sinking your teeth into a ripe melon on a hot day, Melon Medley tastes sweet with strong melon and floral notes. Available in 300mg and 1G All-In-One, NEW 1G cartridge.

Orange Slice

Sweet, citrusy and refreshing, imagine you’ve just sunk your teeth into a ripe, juicy orange. Available in 300mg and 1G All-In-One, NEW 1G cartridge.


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