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Sano Gardens
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High purity hash,
respectfully extracted.

Vape battery


Taste wins. Period.

Our history in cannabis since its Colorado legalization in 2014 has culminated in a mastery of extraction techniques. From icy water hash to potent hydrocarbon oils, we unlock the full spectrum of cannabis's potential.

Ditch the ordinary. Embrace the extraordinary.

Rosin Vape
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Sano Gardens Female Art
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Sano Gardens Female Art

Reliably fun.
Undeniably tasty.

Made with award-winning Sano Gardens Live Rosin and supercharged by Teeny Tiny Science for the perfect strain specific experience. Combine that with our gourmet chef who brings amazing flavor to the table, and it will be your go-to gummy.


Pineapple Rosin Gummy
Strawberry Rosin Gummy
Raspberry Rosin Gummy

Available in:




Raspberry Gummy Bouquet
Pineapple Gummy Bouquet
Pineapple Rosin Gummies
Strawberry Rosin Gummies
Strawberry Gummy Bouquet
Strawberry Gummies
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Fruit Flavor Flower Powered
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LIVELY LIME Female With Cannabis

Orchard Vapes

tickle your tastebuds with a powerful puffy punch.

This sweet blend of fruits is sure to make your taste buds twist and shout. A tongue tingling taste of fresh fruit will liven up your next vape session with a fruity high experience.

Fruity Fun & Full Flavored

Orchard Vape Bouquet

Available in:

orange slice

wild berry

wicked watermelon

lively lime

strawnana cabana

grape escape

Half Orchard O Logo
Mixxed Berry Cannabis Female
Watermelon Gummy
Wild Berry Gummy
Supercharged Teeny Tiny Science Logo
see the science at
Orchard Watermelon Gummy
Orchard Wild Berry Gummy Bouquet
Orchard Wild Berry Gummies

Orchard Gummies

the high you've been craving from

an edible.

Orchard’s emulsified THC gets the backstage pass, avoiding the whole liver nonsense that ruins the vibe. More THC arrives on the scene intact, ready to light up your receptors for that desired smokers high.

Available in:

wicked watermelon

wild berry

Say Goodnight Mango Gummy Bouquet
Say Goodnight Mango Gummies

Available in:

Half Orchard O Logo
Say Goodnight Mango Gummies Female

designed for quiet thoughts and

resfull sleep.

The emulsified THC allows for fast-acting effects to start unwinding quickly, while the pure THC and CBN work together to extend the zen vibes all night long.

say goodnight mango

Say Goodnight Mango Gummy
Supercharged Teeny Tiny Science Logo
see the science at

Orchard Sleep Gummies

Available in :


  • tangie

  • pineapple express

  • strawberry kush

  • blue dream

when the strain
is your game.

we’ve successfully married the authentic flavors of fruit with 12 of our favorite cannabis strains. Now when you crave cherry pie you get cherry pie.

Orchard FX


  • fruity og

  • lemon cherry gelato

  • banana kush

  • apple fritter


  • cherry pie

  • watermelon og

  • sunset sherbert

  • grand daddy purple

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