December 14, 2022

Out Front Magazine 2022 Holiday Gift Guide

Out Front Magazine 2022 Holiday Gift Guide

The 2022 OFM Holiday Gift Guide features a live resin vape and new live resin Flower Powder as two of their “staff pics” for this holiday season.

First up, the Aqua Live Resin Vape:

Aqua Live Resin by Sano Gardens

“This live resin pen is small, disposable, and easy to take anywhere, but it hits just like a pricey cart and battery. I was seriously impressed with the quality of both the pen and the product inside it, and I was puffing away all day. Sano Gardens is a brand I’m very happy to have gotten familiar with!”

Aqua Live Resin is a high purity hash oil respectfully extracted from the most beautiful fresh frozen flowers. Our exclusive live resin vape formula is emulsified with THC-A that has been melted down into D9THC, then combined with our live terpene profiles. Available in 500mg cartridge and 500mg All-In-One, as well as 1g jars of dabble Diamonds & Sauce and Whip. Learn more here. Aqua Live Resin by Sano Gardens is available at fine retailers throughout the state of Colorado.

If you’re looking for something outside of the inhalable category that still hits like your favorite strain, the second OFM Holiday Gift Guide “staff pic” is our Live Resin Flower Powder:

Live Resin Flower Powder

“Looking for a no-calorie way to infuse your favorite beverage? You need to give Flower Powder by Sano Gardens a try. Just toss some of the flavorless powder into your water or drink, and boom, infused! The high is just as pleasant as eating a piece of cannabis chocolate or a gummy.”

Flower Powder delivers a true smoker’s high in the convenience of an edible powder. Our quick-dissolving, fast-acting powder uses the entire cannabis flower, including its full strain-specific terpene profile. This allows your body’s THC absorption processes to deliver that unbeatable smoker’s high anywhere a joint would cause a stir. Respectfully extracted by Sano Gardens, the lyophilized, native terpenes from your favorite strains complete that strain-specific feeling. Flower Powder is available in Refined THC, Live Resin and Live Rosin powder options (10, 10mg packets for a total of 100mg). Flower Powder is available at select retailers in Colorado, including Livwell, Lightshade, Spark, Sweet Leaf Pioneer, Canna Cabinet, Green House Durango, Mana, Xclusive, Higher Grade, Green Dream Cannabis, Golden Meds, Verts, Everbloom, Oasis, Callie’s, Chronic Therapy and Doctor’s Orders. Learn more here.

Sano Gardens was built on a commitment to produce Colorado’s best live resin hash products. With the expansion of our product line, we continue that commitment by adding a little live material to all of our formulations, because we believe a little live makes everything taste better. Try our products today and see for yourself. Available at preferred Colorado dispensaries.

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