March 21, 2023

Introducing 1G Cartridges

Introducing 1G Cartridges

You asked, we answered.

Colorado’s fastest-growing vape company is pleased to offer a NEW 1gram cart. Cotton-free and full ceramic, it delivers flavor unlike any other on the market.

The world first and only cotton-free full-ceramic cart. A unique patented honeycomb-like ceramic center soaks up thick oil like a sponge and delivers true-to-the-strain flavor unlike any other tank.

Amber Live’s exclusive and delicate hash oil is meticulously crafted to preserve real cannabis terpenes, delivers high potency and provide true cannabis flavor in a portable vape. Just like everything manufactured by Sano Gardens, Amber Live contains Live Terpenes, because we believe a little live makes everything taste better.

Orchard vapes boldly deliver natural fruit and flora combined with high potency THC. Just like everything manufactured by Sano Gardens, Orchard vapes contain live terpenes because we believe a little like makes everything taste better.

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