October 11, 2022

Flower Powder Now Available at Select Colorado Retailers

Flower Powder Now Available at Select Colorado Retailers

Refined THC, Live Resin and Live Rosin edible cannabis powder now available.

Introducing Flower Powder, a revolutionary new way to enjoy cannabis. Flower Powder delivers a true smoker’s high in the convenience of a dissolvable powder. The water-soluble, fast-acting powder uses the entire cannabis flower, including its full strain-specific terpene profile. This allows your body’s THC absorption processes to deliver that unbeatable smoker’s high in the convenience of an edible powder. 

Developed in partnership with Teeny Tiny Science, Flower Powder’s nano emulsified molecules pass directly into the bloodstream, increasing bioavailability while providing a more creative, uplifting and productive high. Flower Powder is respectfully extracted by Sano Gardens, makers of award-winning live resin and live rosin inhalable products.

Flower Powder is available in 3 options:

Refined THC Powder: fast acting, emulsified cannabinoids for a flower-like experience.

Live Resin Powder: lyophilized, native terpenes from your favorite strains complete the strain-specific feeling.

Live Rosin Powder: extracted without the use of solvents, this emulsified powder captures the full lyophilized native terpene profile.

Suggested use: add to 8oz or less of your preferred liquid, stir and drink.

Learn more at flowerpowder.co

Sano Gardens was built on a commitment to produce Colorado’s best live resin hash products. With the expansion of our product line, we continue that commitment by adding a little live material to all of our formulations, because we believe a little live makes everything taste better. Try our products today and see for yourself. sanogardens.com

Teeny Tiny Science is on a mission to help cannabis companies increase the bioavailability of their products for consumers. We use the same nanotechnology that pharmaceutical companies have been using for the last 30 years to make THC more effective and reliable. We believe that good things come in small molecules. teenytinyscience.com 

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